Lumbajak Firewood in a Wheelie Bin. No Fuss, No Mess! Swap & Burn - Refill. Free delivery.


Premium quality Redgum Firewood. Fully seasoned, dry and ready to burn, split to your required size. 


Wood sizing guide:


Overnighters (Standard) Approximately 200 x 200 x 400 long

Larger pieces with smaller ones mixed in generally. Used for larger combustion stoves for heating.


Stove Wood (Medium) Approximately 150 x 150 x 350 long

Smaller combustion heaters and larger wood cooking stoves.


Bottle Wood (Small - Double Split)  Approximately 90 x 90 x 300 long

Common reference of bottle wood as size is similar to a wine bottle, typically used for pizza ovens, smaller wood stoves.


Stick Wood  (Extra Small - Triple Split) Approximately 50 x 50 x 300 long

This typically used for small mobile type pizza and wood fired ovens and very small pot belly and camp ovens.

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