This is our most popular load | Best value for money in our range.


This load is around the 2 ton mark of Premium Quality Redgum Wood. Bearing in mind that we do not have a weight bridge on-site so we are not able to provide the exact weight. 


Please select 'Stacking' below if you require your wood to be stacked, if not selected the wood will be offloaded in an area that we can get to with a trailer.


Wood Sizing Guide:


Big Bertha (Large) Approximately 300 x 330 x 600 long

Really interesting sizes and shapes, large outdoor braziers, split stump pieces and odd shapes.


Overnighters (Standard) Approximately 200 x 200 x 400 long

Larger pieces with smaller ones mixed in generally. Used for larger combustion stoves for heating.


Stove Wood (Medium) Approximately 150 x 150 x 350 long

Smaller combustion heaters and larger wood cooking stoves.


Bottle Wood (Small - Double Split) Approximately 90 x 90 x 300 long

Common reference of bottle wood as size is similar to a wine bottle, typically used for pizza ovens, smaller wood stoves.


Stick Wood  (Extra Small - Triple Split) Approximately 50 x 50 x 300 long

This typically used for small mobile type pizza and wood fired ovens and very small pot belly and camp ovens.

2 Tonne Bulk Load Premium Redgum From

SKU: 8x5HS